Exchange of Banknotes and Coins

Damaged Euro Banknotes and Coins

The Central Bank provides a service to replace damaged or mutilated (e.g. partially burnt, cut, decomposed) genuine euro banknotes and coin.  As a general rule, and subject to criteria defined by the European Central Bank and the Central Bank’s authentication process being satisfied, if more than half of a mutilated note or coin is presented to the Bank and can be verified as genuine, it will be redeemed. 

Irish IR£ Banknotes and Coins

The Central Bank provides a service for the exchange of all Irish pound banknotes or coin issued for circulation by the Central Bank of Ireland or its predecessor, the Currency Commission, for euro. Please note that the Central Bank does not offer a foreign exchange service.

What should you do if you wish to exchange banknotes or coins?

Your notes can be exchanged either by post, in your bank or using the DropBox facility and should be accompanied by completed forms and Identification as listed below.

All euro coin should be packaged in line with standards detailed below:

Packaging handling fees | docx 26 KB Exchange of IR Pound Banknotes | pdf 593 KB Exchange of IR Coin | pdf 602 KB Exchange of Euro Coin | pdf 607 KB Exchange of Damaged Euro Banknotes | pdf 596 KB

By Post:

Complete the appropriate form and post this and the banknotes/coin directly to the Central Bank address listed on the form.

Local Bank Branch:

Complete the appropriate form at your local commercial bank, who can submit your application directly to the Central Bank on your behalf. This option is only applicable to banknotes only.

Drop Box  Facility, Central Bank:

Complete the appropriate form and submit via the onsite drop box facility at the Central Bank, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1.

Completed forms must be placed in the security bag provided and a receipt will be provided by the onsite Teller. Value will not be given over the counter.

Note: a maximum limit of 10 Kg applies to all currency lodgements. Lodgements in excess of this can only be exchanged by post or by prior arrangement with our Currency Issue Department.

Please call +353 1 219 8903 to make the necessary arrangements to lodge coin with our Currency Issue Department via a Cash-In-Transit company approved by the Private Security Authority. Subject to the lodgement satisfying the Bank’s verification/authentication process, the Bank will then send a payment directly into your nominated bank account for the appropriate amount, usually within 20 working days.

Normal opening hours: 12:00 – 14:30 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Verification of Banknotes and Coins

On receipt of your banknotes or coin we will register your application and commence our verification and authentication process.  Please note that all submission of Irish pounds or mutilated euros to the Bank are subject to the successful completion of the Bank’s verification and authentication checks.

All lodgments must be accompanied with of one of the following forms of photographic identification:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving Licence 

Why Might Reimbursement be Refused?

Reimbursement of any amount of euro banknotes or coin is subject to the satisfactory completion of verification/authentication checks prior to reimbursement.

If less than half of the a mutilated note is presented to the Bank it may be refused.

The Bank may decide to refuse reimbursement of euro coins unfit for circulation which have been altered either deliberately or by a process that could be reasonably expected to have the effect of so altering them.

The Central Bank of Ireland reserves the right to withhold a handling fee of the nominal value of the submitted coin. Where the acceptance or processing of euro coins constitutes a health risk for handlers, or where a submission fails to meet the packaging and labelling standards set out, the Bank may refuse to accept such coins. 

If you have any queries you can also contact us here.