Analytical Credit Datasets (AnaCredit) in Ireland


In May 2016 the Governing Council of the European Central Bank approved Regulation (EU) 2016/13 on the collection of granular credit and credit risk data. This new data initiative, known as Analytical Credit Datasets (AnaCredit), comprises the collection of granular credit data based on harmonised ECB statistical reporting requirements. The objective is to establish a common granular credit database shared between the Eurosystem members, comprising input data for all euro area member states.

Granular credit data can be widely used to serve a number of different functions. The AnaCredit data will support the ECB and the Central Bank in performing their central banking and supervisory functions including monetary policy analysis and operations, risk management, financial stability surveillance, statistics, macroprudential policy and research.

Who will Report AnaCredit in Ireland?

All Irish resident credit institutions are subject to the reporting requirements laid out in the AnaCredit Regulation. Reporting agents will commence submitting counterparty information in January 2018. First reporting of credit data will take place in October 2018 (data referring to end-September).


The AnaCredit Project in Ireland is being implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Counterparty Data Reporting
  • Phase 2: Remaining ECB AnaCredit Templates
  • Phase 3: National Templates

Key Information and Documents

ECB AnaCredit Page

AnaCredit Regulation | pdf 724 KB AnaCredit Regulation Data Tables | xls 67 KB ECB AnaCredit Reporting Manual Part I - General_Methodology | pdf 3386 KB ECB AnaCredit Reporting Manual Part II - Datasets and data attributes | pdf 1726 KB ECB AnaCredit Reporting Manual Part III - Case studies | pdf 1493 KB Central Bank of Ireland AnaCredit Notes on Compilation | pdf 1511 KB AnaCredit FAQ | pdf 375 KB


Phase 1: Counterparty Data Reporting

Central Bank of Ireland Counterparty Template and Rules | xls 228 KB Counterparty Reference Data Return - Reporting Schedule | xls 16 KB CPRD Schema v.2 | xml 33 KB Guidance Notes for Counterparty files | pdf 527 KB
  • Key Project Dates
    • Test window for reporting agents: from 29 September 2017
    • Live reporting system go-live: 31 October 2017
    • First reporting deadline: 31 January 2018

Phase 2: Remaining ECB AnaCredit Templates

Central Bank of Ireland Position on Reduced Reporting (Annex II Regulation) | xls 37 KB Credit Data Template and Rules Monthly - Banks | xls 211 KB Credit Data Template and Rules Quarterly - Banks | xls 80 KB


  • Notes on Compilation: published 28 April 2017
  • Reporting templates and validations: published 28 April 2017
  • XML Schema: expected July 2017
  • Test window for reporting agents: from 31 July 2018
  • System live opening date: 28 September 2018
  • First reporting deadline: 19 October 2018

Phase 3: National Templates

  • Banks that were required to report National Template were informed 24 February 2017
  • The first reporting date on the national reporting templates will be with reference to end-March 2019
  • The AnaCredit Team at the Central Bank will liaise directly with the affected reporting agents regarding timetables and further details

Industry Workshops

The AnaCredit Team is holding regular workshops with a number of reporting agents (and their invited partners), with the aim of identifying any Irish-specific issues or areas that require further clarification. If any resident credit institution wishes to join these workshops please contact the AnaCredit Team, at After consulting with the AnaCredit Team, reporting agents may invite a third party partner assisting in the development of their reporting systems.